A year of revolt.

Oleh / By: Iki.Ali

It’s another new year
Where stop and stare could become stomp and tear
Where there could be two opposing means of fear
Where they have prophesised that the end could be very near

Why care?
What causes the flare?
Is it because it’s out there?
Or is it because it’s way in here?

People’s brains today
It’s everywhere
From the corner of the streets to the very gas we suck; the thin air

It’s totally in front of you, right over there
But all we can give is a confused glare
The truth is out somewhere

But where?

It’s probably in the Book
But thing is, it is easily overlooked
Because it’s always the mirror that got humans hooked
Keep making you think your reflection is going to shook
You were never Peter Pan, dude, but have always been Captain Hook


Start inside
Then outside
Then choose your side
For freedom… or for rights?

Emerich may have spooked
Mayans may have only guessed
But the actual first stage of world’s demise
Is when you finish off each other’s lives

Think before you start a revolt
Or you will get a bigger electrical volt
For making the One spoke

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