'Lesung Batu' by Tapai Productions

Oleh / By: Mr. 9Belas

Presenting... a trip down to memory lane! In a not so distant past, a healthy bunch of our writers, under the moniker of Tapai Productions, did this public service announcement that didn't make the cut for DiGi's MyPhone Shorties competition with the theme of 'Terima Kasih Malaysia' (Thank You Malaysia). Most of you have probably seen it, but for those of you who didn't, here it is; 'Lesung Batu' featuring an excerpt of 'Woo Song' by the rising Malaysian indie band, Khottal.

Enjoy! :D

Writers involved in this:
Aan - Director
Ezham Mohd Noh - Producer
Iki.Ali - Editor
Shah Aideen - Production manager
Manda Dawai - Storyboard artist
Akemi Siegel - Talent

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