A book review: Local ghost, foreign sons. A 'Supernatural: Rite of Passage' review.

Oleh / By: Fatini Zulkarnain

Category: Fiction / Novel
Genre: Supernatural / horror
Author: John Passarella
Release: August 14, 2012
Publisher: HarperEntertainment
When you see the big title in the middle of the cover, you know the basic story already (EXCEPT if you know nothing about Supernatural The US Series). Two brothers hunting evil demon and ‘evil’ Gods around United State. But this book have itchy twist.

Before I start reviewing, I would like to share about the ghost in this book.
Oni, demons or ogres, are one of the most famous youkai. They are huge and have horns. The color of their body is red, blue, or black. They usually carry a big iron club (kanabou). They are best known for guarding the gate of  Buddhist hell. They also often appear in folktales. (Momotaro, Issun-boshi etc.) They are dumb, cruel, and malicious.
( http://japanese.about.com/library/weekly/aa110400.htm )

For me, when two beliefs are on the same track, they need to be a logical explanation for the phenomenon so they can make sense (it sound so weird when I wrote it like that). Easiest example, in Supernatural season 7 episode 18, ‘Party On, Garth’, they need to fight a Shojo, Japanese ghost that you can see it when you drunk. How that ghost come to America? Someone send a bottle full of sake with Shojo in it straight from Japan to an American family. I don’t know you guys, but I think it make sense.

In this book, an Oni ghost came to Lauren Hill, New Jersey to collect his sons after raped three women 18 years ago. I know that Japan is not that big, but why New Jersey? Maybe I miss a spot here. Maybe there is some connection that I can’t see with my round, small eyes? If any of you find the connection, do enlighten me….

But still, this book is interesting. My favorite part is how the Oni collect his power. By killing people using accidents. Imagine, a small action can lead to your death. I know, so ‘Final Destination’ without the deja vu. But hey, appreciate the writer’s efforts. Give him some credit, guys. The details he put through the timeline when, for example, a mother take a slow step to the basement with a very big box full of old clothes. The mother didn’t see a ball in the middle of the stairs. She step at the ball and… BAM! Her neck hit the stairs, cause her to death. There are a lot of ‘accident-happen’ situations in this book, some of it you never thought it will cause an instant death.

I think the writer also want to tell story in the perspective of the three sons. Two of the are evil bad, but one of them rebel to the good side. It's kind of confusing if you didn’t get their names right, but you’ll survive.

Long story short, grab the book, close the light, hide under your blanket in the middle of the night with ‘Rite of Passage’ and a flashlight in your hand, and enjoy….

“This,” Dean said, nodding towards his sandwich, “is famous. What you have there is… unknown and best forgotten.”
page 174.

P/S: The new novel ‘Supernatural: Fresh Meat’ had been in store since February. I gonna get them this week. Can’t wait!

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