A book review: Double standard, double risk. A 'Supernatural: Witch's Canyon' review.

Oleh / By: Fatini Zulkarnain

Category: Fiction
Format: Novel
Author: Jeff Mariotte
Release: October 30, 2007
Publisher: HarperEntertainment
Supernatural: Witch’s Canyon is written by Jeff Mariotte and had been published in November 2007 under Harper Entertainment. It’s about the the jobs that the Winchester brothers got in the Grand Canyon where there are mass murder happen every 40 years.

What I think bout this book? Except the writer successfully make Sam and Dean become so REAL in it? And there must have at least one paranormal situation in their story (no paranormal, no Supernatural)? Hmm… This book is really great I close my eyes every time I read it (take a very long time to finish it. Gonna let the bloody words-to-imaginations in my head fade away first before start to a new chapter)!

The words are so simple I can understand in a flash (there are a few words that I don’t get, but Google Translate figured it out) and it makes me eager to know what happen in next chapter. All I can say is Mariotte is actually genius and this one, out of the box. Great job, Mariotte (a pat at the back)!

And of course, the must-not-forgotten thing to be put in every Supernatural tie-in: DEAN’S QUOTES!!!!!
“‘Hook up with us and see a quick return on your premiums.’ I like it, Sammy. Think we can fit it on a bumper sticker?” 
Witch’s Canyon (Jeff Mariotte)
“You can give me detention. Oh, wait, that’s right… you aren’t the boss of me. So I guess you can just bite me.” 
Witch’s Canyon (Jeff Mariotte)

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Romeo Laut berkata...

Erm... Nice story though. "This book is really great I close my eyes every time I read it"? Anyway, try to find this novel, titled as 'A death in Canaan'. Sure it is good for you.

Fatini Zulkarnain berkata...

A Death in Canaan. Sound interesting to me. Thanks for your suggestion. :-)

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