A book review: Taste a bit of AFTERTASTE... Yummy!

Oleh / By: Fatini Zulkarnain

Category: Fiction
Format:  Short story / anthology
Author: Horror Writers' Association
Release: May 29, 2012
Publisher: Gallery Press
Blood Lite 3: Aftertaste is NOT a vampire story (well, a girl with fangs suck a bloody lollipop show otherwise but again, don't judge a book by its cover). This book is an anthology of short stories from various dark fiction author from Horror Writer Association (HWA) like Jim Butcher, Don D'Ammassa, Kelley Armstrong and many more. The best part is, all 30 different supernatural stories in this book will make you scarily laugh (or comically scare, pick any you like).

I think this book is so cool because (SPM English term paper cliche, I know) it makes the dark side of the world become colourful (dark red and dark purple colourful). No romance involved (except Bayou Brawl by L. A. Banks) but your eyes still stuck until the end of pages and yell "More... More... MORE!!!"

My favorite? 'I Was A Teenage Bigfoot' by Jim Butcher. A private investigator a.k.a wizard, Harry Dresden had been assign to find cause of his Forest People's friend's son getting sick. Seriously? When your kid sick, I believe you don't waste your money for a wizardly P.I and find a doctor. Well, breaking news, Forest People never get sick. Butcher know how to balance between action and horror and sarcasm. But be careful when you read the ending of this story: it will make you wanna (or maybe literally) curse in horror laughter.

The other must-read story is 'BRIANS!!!' by D. N. Snell. Kenny, an author of a zombie book, 'BRIANS!!!' (suppose to be 'BRAINS!!!'. All thanks to his mom) had been chase by a bunch of zombie fans after his book are out of stock during his book signing (and they were die hard killing fans). Snell give 360 degree out-of-the-box, not just for zombie fans, but all the book collectors and obsessors (I'm in Team Obsessor) on this-is-how-all-of-you-behave-when-my-books-were-sold-out-but-not-literally. Its also give you second thought about being an author as your future career (Mom, can I bite him?).

Overall, if you want to find a gruesome imagination with no bombastic words and kill your joy-ride reading, Blood Lite 3: Aftertaste is what you looking for. And it taste meaty creamy bittersweet with sprinkle on top.

*B.I aku memang teruk. Siapa faham dia terer...

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