A book review: Sam & Dean & Poe in a book, hmm… A 'Supernatural: Nevermore' review.

Oleh / By: Fatini Zulkarnain

Category: Fiction
Format: Novel
Author: Keith R.A. DeCandido
Release: July 31, 2007
Publisher: HarperEntertainment
I’ve been reading a lot in this past few months (you can see a lot of my books than my outfits in the wardrobe) and for this one, I need to read a bunch of literature to understand what are the story about.

I’m not talking about The Pearl or The Phantom of the Opera (those books ROCK FOR ETERNITY!) but if you know nothing about Edgar Allan Poe, I can’t blame you guys (Oh Uncle Google~~~). He’s created poems and short stories during 18th century. Major in horror and death (please correct me if I’m wrong). 

First of all I thought this is just a normal ‘Supernatural’ day in New York (fighting ghost, bromance bond, etc), and then my head spinning when an orang utan kill people on the street (DeCandido wrote orang utan, not monkey. I’m very sure of it). Why of the sudden? Oh, one of Poe’s famous short stories is about an orang utan killed two women brutally in a house (Ask Uncle Google, he knows).

DeCandido’s idea combining those Poe’s art in one story is great. but if he choose more famous international literature’s work (works that all around the world know) it would be awesome. Well this is the first novel from ‘Supernatural’ series (published by Harper Entertainment), so I think we can pass that.

Don’t worry, all ‘Supernatural’ lovers still found Sam and Dean Winchester as themselves from the first season in this novel. Still entertaining with a lot of Dean’s sarcasm (priceless!) and the innocent of Sam. So yeah, I have nothing to regret (plus, I bought The Tale of Mystery and Imagination because of this book. Thanks DeCandido).

And putting Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles as the book cover are really helpful too (actually, it would be better for their fans if they are shirtless. Wives, don’t blame their cuteness). Smile with tongue out                  

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