Another dimension.

Oleh / By: Iki.Ali

When Top 40 fails you
When sex is all over you
When guns and grenades popped and glocked out them gut, boo
In these times of madness and needing sympathy
All of us are together now, being them killer bees
We stinging, we injecting you with good music
Not just them sounds, but anything that's artistic
We ain't got to have to be prolific or debatin' politics
We got something to say, we're saying that hate is sick
We should band together to help each other out
To blow the canvases with freaking awesome paint jobs
Huh, I never thought chaos could look so beautiful
Even though we don't need all the shits that's typical
We can make a darn masterpiece that looks so peaceful
Don't ever judge us by saying we're unknowing fools
We know that the world needs to go to hospital
Because it got really sick, because too many obstacles
We have to face it, not just embrace it
Because sooner or later, it'll be so damn acidic
Okay, I think I'd better stop this shit
I think you got the message that I'm try'na hit, man
All I'm saying is "Please don't hate art, it is a monster!
But it's a monster that could be an anti-destroyer"
It's okay, 'cause sooner or later
Art will always rock the world, forever
P/S: This is based on my thoughts about this collaboration, and I think these rhymes fit perfectly to the beats of the song.

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