Oleh / By: Alyssa

hey my girlfriend, do be strong.
i am here even im way too far from you.
ah this shit happened again.
it happens when we're in distance.
we had no pillow talks and i cant do anything even be by ur side.
ah i felt useless.
i feels like everything that happened is just hopeless and even helpless.
just, dont let it destroy urself, my girlfriend.
ure not weak. ure just tired of being strong for a very long time.

its because we're not that close, it doesnt mean that we're forgetting each other.
we had each other for a long time; we can count.
and if i cant be by your side like i always did, it didnt mean that ure forgotten.

ah. distance are killing me, girl.
i missed you and i misses you so bad.
when u cried, u made me worried way too much.
and that's it.
u have to start wiping ur tears.
because its killing me
because im way out from you

ah, she needs me
its because she never cries on any man unless she hurt so bad.
stands still yah, my girlfriend.
i'll be there, in a moment
i just cant see uve been hurt

2 ulasan:

Leo "Ricky" Huzair berkata...

reminds me of my own note to my ex...


ALI berkata...

haha welcome abang leo :)

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