"Kill Them With Love" by Boona Mohammed

Oleh / By: Iki.Ali

Show me a stranger and I’ll show you a friend that you haven’t met yet,
Plus any obstacle in the way of anything is usually just one of the prices of success,
And people are more than numbers; to crack a smile is really no stress
Divide my time like economics, I love to say high and buy less

Multiply first impressions by everything you might have guessed
Prejudice takes time, but my time is business 
And this just makes big dollars and cents 
Why would you hate, when love just costs less?

In fact the muscles it takes to make a frown,
Make more work than to just turn it upside down
But you hate it when I’m polite, can’t stand when I’m sincere
Calling me all these names, wondering why I’m still just standing here?

Mainly because your ignorance leaves me to believe that you really just need a hug,
And I’ve been public enemy #1, ever since I learned to kill them with love

I am a psychotic serial lover,
Seriously considering only complementing our mothers
Because wither you like it or not, I am your brother
A teddy-bear terrorist, chilling with my well-mannered crew
Yeah you a racist, but I’ma still hold the door open for you
Cause seriously dude, ain’t no need for the attitude
And I aint made at you, I have bad days too
Here’s my celly, let’s talk, I’ma great listener too
Family driving you crazy, man I know how they do,
Let me know I love kids, I could be your babysitter too

Yeah boy, cause I’m nice like that
I’ll even watch your car if you promise that you’ll be right back
So relax and be cool, aint no point in lying to you, 
I am a servant and my Master sees all that I do
So tell me what you need dude, a dollar, here take two
Achooo, May Allah bless you, guide you and make things easy for you

This respect thing, it’s just what I do
And its past tolerating, it’s on the path of understanding and appreciating you,
So tell me whatcha gonna do, when the love comes for you?
Insult my heritage, we both from Adam and Eve, fool.

Ahhh snap, how you like that?
You gave me extra change and I gave it right back
I let people pass when they wanna switch lanes,
Cause if it was me, I hope they’d do the same

You butchered my name, but it’s A O.K. 
It happens all the time, I won’t correct you anyways
And it may sound strange, but I’ma be that change
Improve everyday, to prove that rudeness is lame 

I believe in modesty and trying to lower my gaze 
And if everything is from above than everything is the same
I aint impressed by money, cars, clothes or fame
I am a Muslim, so the trinkets of this world don’t mean a thing

I was taught that peace is not that absence of war
But peace, is a feeling that can only come from remembering your Lord
So for the sake of peace, there is no point in hating me anymore
It’s a big place; we can all live together in this world

I invite you all to join me in this Jihad of love 
And see why fundamentalism, still begins with fun
And if you don’t agree, I won’t even judge,
I just kill you all, 
With the love

P/S: An interesting piece by a Canadian-Muslim poet, Boona Mohammed. You may visit his website (click HERE) to get to know him or if you guys wanna check out his other unique brand of almost rap-sounding poems.

Much love to my cousin for introducing this guy on his blog (click HERE).

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