Oleh / By: Alyssa

the time passed as slow as wind sweeps my cheek
and i don't really yet discover what has happened yesterday
i am wondering
am i lost enough
to recall all that memories again?
yet i remember
this is what had happened


as we collect all the laughter and smiles
and gain it together with all of our love
we remember
we did love each other
and smells each other appreciations
till we can't even see boundaries between us
yes, we did only sees us
in that eyes who sparkles
every time we stares at each other

but then came a flower
who had a brighter eyes rather than mine
and smells better in her hugs of love
and there
i was left behind
laying in my own arms
hugging my own self
and crying in my own bed

without you in the morning
without you in the evening
and without you in every thing

and finally, yes
i am lost
in my own world
in my own imaginations
that has only had a few dusts
of your eyes that sparkles
before she love you doubles

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